100% Free Matrimonial Classifieds
100% Free Matrimonial Classifieds

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Post Matrimonial Classified for Free?

Yes, if you are above the age of 18 years, then you can Post Matrimonial Classified at rishteyads.com for free.

Can I Post a Matrimonial Classified Ads for my Son/Daughter/Parent/Relative/Sibling/Friends?

Yes, you can Post the Matrimonial Classified Ads on Rishteyads.com.

Can I create a Matrimonial Classified on behalf of someone else?

Yes, you can easily create a Matrimonial Classified for others as well, e.g. for your brother, sister, daughter, son, etc. However, the process will remain same as you need to fill in some basic details in the registration form to create the Matrimonial Classified.

How important is it to provide complete information in my Matrimonial Classified?

It is very important for you to provide all information in your Matrimonial Classified. This will help you be more visible to other authorized members. This will help a potential match understand you better and thus get the right and most compatible partner.

How to I contact customer support?

Rishteyads.com is eager to help you find your partner at the earliest. Customer Support is always a top priority to us. Go to contact us page to give us feedback.

Do you provide any friendship or dating services?

No, we don't provide any friendship or dating services. Rishteyads.com only provided matrimonial classified related services to its users, who are really genuine and serious about commitments and marriage.

Do we have a matchmaker/agent/third party?

No, there is no third party between Rishteyads.com and You.

What shall I do if I face an error while using Rishteyads.com?

We regret the inconvenience you had to face while trying to use our services. We request you to report this error to our Customer Support team with the URL, which leads to the error message.

Can I edit all my details?

Yes, you can edit your matrimonial classified details after every 10 days.

Is my personal details, name, phone no, email visible on the website?

Only the details which you have mentioned in matrimonial classified text will be visible on website and other personal credentials like name, phone no, email will not be publically visible on website.

How many Matrimonial Classified I can Post?

You can post unlimited classified, but you can post one classified per month per mobile number. If you want to post 2 or more classifieds, you can use multiple mobile numbers of your.

How can I post multiple classifieds in a month?

You can post multiple classifieds using single mobile number by selecting Premium Ads, which is chargeable.

How can I Highlight my Classified Ads?

You can Highlight your classified ads with multiple option available in Premium Ads, eg. 1. Classified with Border, 2. Classified with Background Colour, 3. Classified with Photo and 4. Classified with Priority Position (Your classified position will be one of the top classified position for specified period). For Details and Prices of above Premium Ads Click here.

Note: For any other questions, please contact us and we will answer your query.